Los Angeles → Nashville

Ever since announcing my (surprise) move in September, I’ve gotten many questions: Why did you move? Did you get a new job? WAS IT FOR MUSIC?! I’ve gotten questions as to whether I moved across the country for a boy, and I’ve gotten questions about my dating life in general. I’m going to break it down for y’all and give you the deats on what exactly drove me (quite literally) out of California, and I will be writing of my dating, work, and life experiences.

It was early September, and I was on the phone catching up with my dad, who had just a couple weeks prior made the cross-country move with my mom.  As I was on the phone with him on an easy-going Friday night, I was talking to him about how in a few years I wanted to move to Nashville (been eying this fun city for a while now).  Throughout the conversation, I started toying with numbers just for the fun of it.

“Dad… I think I could do it…” I tell him.  As I’m looking at apartment costs, moving costs, etc., I was realizing that I had the means and opportunity to move.  Of course, being Dad, he tells me to sleep on it and think it over.  So, I did just that.  I woke up the next morning and texted my mom, “I’m moving to Nashville.”  Everything was booked and started to be packed over the next two days.  I had scheduled for my household items and furniture to be picked up and shipped, and I would load up my car with certain essentials to make my trek across the country.

September 16, 2017.  The night that I would drive out of my home of 25 years and embark on a new journey.  It would start a roughly 30-hour drive.  I had no hotels booked and no planned stops.  My mindset was that I would drive for as far as my C-Max could go (~450-500 miles), pit stop for fuel, take an hour or two nap, and keep trekking.

​The drive itself was long, which is to be expected when no overnight stops or sightseeing is to be done.  Approximately 32 hours, 7 states, and nearly 2,000 miles later, I arrived at what would become my new home away from home.  This was also the first time I had ever consumed an energy drink (Monster) which caused me an insane amount of headaches and stomach aches.  (For those of you who don’t know, I haven’t had caffeine in 11 years at this point.)

I live in a beautiful tri-level townhouse comprised of 1,600ft², 2 beds, 4 bath, a basement with a converted home gym, a wet bar, a hangout lounge, and a patio.  The space is huge and has already housed laughter, tears, joy, sadness, pain, healing, and more than I ever thought I would have experienced being out here.  So, to recap: I moved here on a whim, no rhyme or reason!  No, I did not move here because of work.  No, I definitely didn’t move here for music (lord help you all if I did).  And, most definitely no, I did not move here for a boy (although, my dating life has been one helluva ride that you will all be hearing about very soon).


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