Top 5 Tools to Kickstart 2019

2018 taught me an incredible amount. Various events occurred that helped me developed different mindsets and approaches to handling certain circumstances or learning to celebrate even small victories. Being proactive in achieving your goals is key to accomplishing them. I am going to share with you the top 5 tools I find to be most helpful in achieving your goals!

My personal primary focus for 2018 was my mental health. It was challenging because it was every minute of everyday type progression. Yet, the results were amazing! In this post, I want to cover different topics that I find myself striving to be better and more knowledgeable — and even more responsible — in. Let’s start with the #1 for me!

1. Mental Health

This one will forever be my number one because of how important it is to each and every individual. One tool that soars in reviews and ratings for mental health is Youper. Youper is dubbed as your health assistant. Youper’s AI is constantly learning and evolving, tailoring to your emotional needs. It helps with topics such as anxiety, confidence, depression, and more. And best of all, Youper is free!
Download for free: iOS | Android

2. Finances

I’m going to discuss a couple of tools for this one, mainly because I find it to be a near-tie for #1. From experience, I have found that there are three crucial points to coming out on top in finances: always knowing where your money is and goes, saving smart, and keeping track of your credit score.

You can most-likely ask your parents or grandparents about check registers. You know, those little booklets where people kept track of their income and expenses. Financial institutions push for online usage so adamantly that check registers are nearly non-existent in today’s tech-revolving world. However, knowing exactly where your funds are at any given moment is fundamental in money management. For this, I highly recommend Debit & Credit. Debit & Credit syncs your data through the cloud, so you are able to access your data on your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and your Mac.
Download for free: iOS

I have recently adopted the 10% rule. For each deposit that hits my account from work, I immediately transfer 10% of it to my savings account. Can’t do 10%? Adjust that percentage to what works for you, or ditch the percentage and go with a whole dollar amount. Either way, every little bit makes a difference. If you need a little help in having this done automatically, Digit is a great way to go! Digit will automatically save a certain amount each day for you.
Download for free: iOS | Android

Ahh, the dreaded credit score. For some, credit scores are almost a bragging right, but for others, credit scores are the bain of their existence. However, it’s still an extremely important piece of your financial life that you should always be aware of. Obtaining a credit score from the bureaus frequently can not only be a tedious chore, but you also have to take into consideration the fact that you would need to obtain your score from all three bureaus. You can cut the dirty work and save time by using a one-stop app like Credit Karma. Credit Karma is my favorite of the credit score apps because it’s easy to use, it’s seamless, and it offers great tools for building, repairing, or maintaining your score.
Download for free: iOS | Android

3. Physical Health

My all-time favorite to talk about. Physical health is just simply awesome. It boosts your mood, burns unwanted fat, and builds indestructible muscle. When I’m working out (follow my fitness journey here), I typically stick to a solid schedule of: MWF – cardio, TTh – strength training, and a weekend day of a free exercise choice (I favor obstacle courses!).

For cardio days, I absolutely love the Nike Run Club. Its audio-guided runs put you in a clear headspace and will, believe it or not, even have you chuckle thanks to the clever wits of the coaches (Coach Bennett is my favorite). The NRC app also tracks your workouts and rewards you with badges so you can stay motivated!
Download for free: iOS | Android

I love strength training for so many reasons. But, finding a strength training routine can be challenging for me. For this reason, Nike Training Club is – hands down – the best! The NTC app has various workouts that you can do at a gym, at home, or even on the go! Additionally, the app tailors the workout programs to your abilities.
Download for free: iOS | Android

4. Time Management

I’ll be honest, I’m pretty simple with this one. I typically use the Reminders app included on my iPhone. I love that it seamlessly syncs across all my devices, and I love the simplicity yet how useful it is. BBuutt, I know that doesn’t work for everyone.

I was recently introduced to Trello by my friend Michelle. Trello’s super neat because it lays out everything for you. It’s visually appealing and allows you to tackle each to-do one at a time. Trello is also accessible across all of your devices, so you can easily switch from phone to laptop to tablet again and again.
Download for free: iOS | Android

5. Emotional Wellness

I truly believe that writing out your stresses, worries, and frustrations are a gateway to healthier emotional wellness. I s’pose that could also be because I absolutely love writing, but studies show that journaling is beneficial for your emotional wellbeing! The fan favorite for emotional journaling for Brandon is Daylio! Daylio allows you to log your mood each day and add snippets about your day, including activities you participated in. Daylio is your ultimate “mood tracker and micro diary.”
Download for free: iOS | Android

There you have it! My top 5 picks for a healthy and fulfilling new year. Which apps do you think you might make the most use out of for 2019? Or, if you have your own recommendations, share them along with your new years resolution below!

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  1. I love all the different options you provide for active planning! I’m a huge fan of the Nike Training Club too. I like the various workouts and I also appreciate how the activities transfer to my Apple Watch. Keep the recommendations coming! ❤

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