Disney Movie Marathon

Anybody who knows me can easily associate me with one magical word — Disney. Disney has been a staple in my life (as is for billions of others) and was the inspiration for Pintage. A couple of months ago, Brandon and I pondered the idea of watching every single Disney classic in order from release. That rolled into us purchasing a 3TB hard drive which led us on a mad hunt for each Disney classic from 1937 to present-day.

Brandon had come up with an idea to journal his thoughts on each film as we watched it. He invited me to join, but I much prefer watching and enjoying the film rather than analyzing it. (I’m boring.) He purchased an adorable WALL-E journal from BoxLunch and began to jot down thoughts on each film.

After some discussion, I told Brandon how intriguing it would be to put his bullet points into posts. We talked about how neat it would be to see the evolution of the films and the stories transpiring through each one. I am beyond excited to make this announcement…

Say hi to the newest contributor: Brandon!

We are super excited for him to share his insight on Disney’s magic throughout the years! Which film are you most excited for him to write about?

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