A Letter to My Ex

Our love story started as a fairytale, one that would come to be one of my absolute favorite stories to tell. We grew into a couple with a fiery passion for each other, constantly supporting one another and going on this great adventure of life together. 

There was a lot of recovery and healing I needed to do from the year prior. I was wounded deeply, but despite that, you stayed by my side and encouraged me to be the best version of myself I could be. I take responsibility for a lot of the stress that would spike on occasion from anxiety related to my experience that prior year, and I know it would take a toll on you. However, with your undying love and support, I made it. I recovered fully from self harm and suicidal thoughts — something that had hospitalized me and once consumed my every thought. 

I learned a great multitude of things during my year with you. I learned that if I put forth the effort, anything I dreamt would be possible to accomplish. I learned that I can always improve on how I approach situations. I also learned how to be better with patience. 

But aside from aspects I learned about myself, I learned a lot about love. I learned how to better communicate and be honest with my intentions. I learned that drastic measures are not always necessary. I also learned that sometimes they are. I learned to be more direct and to not stray from pivotal situations in a relationship. I learned how to be a better partner. 

Through every storm comes growth. Our relationship strengthened me in so many ways. I hope that, despite no longer being together, you know that I will always love you. I will always value our time together, and each memory with you ties to the best moments in my life. 

Thank you for gifting me a second family in your own. I gained a sister and another set of parents who I knew I could count on and love as if they were my own. I gained extended family that welcomed me with open arms. Thank you for opening that part of your life to me. Above all else, thank you for letting me experience a special kind of love with you. 


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