The Power of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is so powerful. The beautiful part about forgiveness is that it comes in so many forms. It’s beyond saying “it’s okay” when someone apologizes to you. It’s about finding the deeper will to be at peace with yourself and the decision to move past the resentment you may hold against someone’s words or actions. I have learned a great deal of forgiveness in the past month, and I would really like to share with you the impact it has made in my daily well-being.

One of the major wellness tokens in my life has become meditation. I have never been one to dedicate myself to meditation, but it has held tremendous value in my day-to-day life since avidly practicing it. I meditate with Chel Hamilton, who created the Meditation Minis series. Each morning, the very first things I do are stretch and then turn on a Mini. I now don’t even reach for my phone until after I’ve accomplished at least these two steps in my morning routine.

There was a Mini episode that struck home for me: Overcoming Chronic Resentment and Anger (ep. 79). This episode in particular strung together the pieces I needed to recognize the effects that certain resentment carried throughout my everyday life. Chel walks you through a mental cleanse on becoming bigger than resentment, better than resentment. She helps guide you by taking underlying anger and transforming that into a beautiful something. Something that you can turn into a positive outlook from a negative experience.

After entering back to the present from the Mini, I felt a sense of peace and calm. Throughout that episode, the first and immediate person that came to mind was Charlie. Charlie was an extremely toxic human in my life. He caused me a lot of pain which I truly did not feel I would ever overcome. Thankfully, with the support of my family, my former partner, and my close friends, I made 2018 the year in which I would rise above the abuse Charlie placed on me. And guess what? I did it.

The Mini had me deep in thought for much the day. I decided that I wanted to bury that lingering resentment I had towards Charlie. I recognized that it still captured much of my life and the outlook I had on much of what life had to offer. Charlie had tried multiple times in 2018 to apologize and make good by what he had done. I was not in a mentally healthy place to even respond to any of those attempts. But now? Now I was ready. I was ready to close the most painful chapter in my book of life.

Our conversation was brief and almost comforting in knowing that forgiving him put that part of my life in the past — for good. I felt a sense of relief and as though the dark cloud hovering above me was now put back in the sky. What would have happened if I hadn’t come to peace with myself of that situation? Would I have still been bottling anger that was only weighing me down? I can’t (and happily will never have to) answer this, but what I can certainly stand by is that forgiveness has brought me a sense of self and understanding.

What situation have you recently forgiven?

♡ Dréa

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