Did you know that 1 in 4 people struggle with mental illness? It surrounds us everywhere we go, yet there is still a stigma that surrounds it. Mental health is something that I hold close to my heart and want to raise awareness for. Recent events in my life prompted me to think about ways to maintain a healthy and more positive mindset.

I have been fairly open about my struggles with mental health. As many of you know, I made it my sole priority to focus on my mental health in 2018. I’m happy to say that overall it worked! I was in a relationship that was healthy for me during that time, ventured through work opportunities until I found the one that made me excited to go to work everyday, and I was able to really tune in to identifying when I start to see any signs of my disorders.

But, alas, I am only human. As much as I wish I could forever rise above my mental health, sometimes it consumes me whole instead. The past couple of weeks have been extremely challenging for me. I found that I wasn’t able to push through in a healthy manner, and unfortunately, I eventually spiraled downhill.

With the love and support of both my close friends and strangers alike, I was able to come out of it with a fulfilled heart. I am a work in progress, so each day I have been focusing on how to be better and rise above it. I began to look at different uplifting and positivity-related apps and programs to help me navigate through dark times that I encounter in my life. It seemed that most programs and apps were very expansive and intense, whereas I was looking for something that could simply give me a burst of positivity here and there.

After a seemingly endless search, I realized there didn’t seem to be anything like what I was looking for. So, I figured why not start one myself? This led me to create a Daily Dose of Positivity. Daily Dose of Positivity is a text service that sends out a daily text with a message to motivate, inspire, and bring a sense of happiness. It’s not an app, so you won’t need to be bothered by having an extra app on your phone, and it’s a tool that can help uplift you whenever you may need it.

To get started, simply text HAPPY to 50597. ☀️

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